2016 Top Law Schools in Arizona – Arizona Law School Rankings

2016 Top Law Schools in Arizona

Arizona Law School Rankings РBest Law Schools in Arizona


Below are the top law schools in Arizona. All Arizona law school rankings are based upon the U.S news official law school rankings. All additional Arizona law school rankings, such as acceptance rate, median UGPA, median LSAT, etc have been verified for accuracy.


This list does not necessarily ultimately define the best law schools in Arizona for each specific law school students goals, but lists the best law schools in Arizona based on overall law school rankings defined by the U.S News, as well as based on employment rate, average LSAT acceptance score, etc.


*Note that law schools ranked at 150 were not officially ranked. For chart functionality purposes, they were given a rank of 150*


2016 Top Law Schools In Arizona

Overall RankingLaw SchoolAcceptance RateMedian UGPAMedian LSATBar Pass RateEmployment RateTuition & Fee's In-State (Full Time)Tuition & Fee's Out-of-State (Full Time)
26Sandra Day O Connor College of Law, Arizona State44.1%3.6116287.9%96.0%$26,753$41,751
42James E. Rogers College of Law, University of Arizona39.1%3.5716180.5%86.8%$24,607$29,000
150Arizona Summit Law School 68.9%2.9414469.1%91.1%$42,756$42,756


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