Benefits Of Going To A Top Law School

Benefits Of Going To A Top Law School

Let’s be honest…law school today is not what it was a few decades ago. Tuition has increased, there are many more lawyers in the field, and many who once saw being a lawyer as a sure fire way to a steady career and income are beginning to question whether this is the right path.

This has led many to wonder whether or not law school is the right decision.

Perhaps right now you are in high school and planning out your full future. Perhaps you’re currently an undergrad and preparing for your next level of education.

Maybe you’ve been the in the work field, and are now considering expanding both your education and degree. Whatever position you may be in, the benefits of attending a top law school remain the same.

For those asking

“Should I go to law school?”

While we are focused on the benefits of attending a top law school, you may still find value in some of benefits.

For those asking:

“Should I go to a top law school?”

This is the topic we will weigh in on today.

For many, the obvious answer would be yes, but of course, this is not always the case.

Perhaps there’s location issues, or tuition concern’s, or certain law schools offer a specific program that better meets your needs. Regardless of your reasons, it’s safe to say the law school you attend will play a vital role in your future and development in the field of law (or whichever path you may choose).

Attending law school, let alone a top law school, is a matter of what you want out of your career. While it may not be necessary to attend the number 1 law school depending on how you apply rankings, It’s no secret that attending a top law school will generally make your career advancement upon graduation a smoother transition, but of course, there are reasons that go beyond.

Let’s cover some of the benefits of attending a top law school.

Benefits of Attending A Top Law School

1. Competition

It’s no secret the number of lawyers is constantly increasing. The number of lawyers has become so saturated that the market is taking in more lawyers than it can absorb.

The result?

A rising number in unemployment for those passing the bar exam.

It’s no surprise that those who attend a top law school will generally have a smoother path into a career than those who do not.

While there are still some law students who graduate from a top law school that do not find unemployment, the numbers are slim.

(That being said, never underestimate the ability to sell yourself and experience, many law school grads have gotten jobs out of law school with mediocre academics but an exceptional ability to sell themselves in an interview along with extensive experience such as internships.)

2. Status

The status that comes from a top law school can be a reward of its own. Whether it be for personal or business reasons, nearly everyone will recognize the status of attending a top law school. Status also plays into many of the other benefits listed.

3. Resume Enhancer

This plays into the status that comes from attending a top law school. Whether you may enter the field of law, go into business, or start your own business, it’s always impressive and provides a high level of credentials to have a degree from a top law school.

From this education alone, many employer’s will be more willing to interview and hire. Also, the competence associated with a degree from a top school makes  it easier to obtain jobs or build trust with clients from your own business.

4. Career Flexibility

Aside from generally having a higher number of career selections post graduation, the top law schools tend to offer a greater level of career mobility to their graduates. Whereas a law school with a lesser reputation generally focuses on their own city or region for acquiring their graduates a job, the top law schools tend to offer job mobility nationwide and even globally. The strong connections that come from a top law school will always provide a higher level of flexibility once you earn your degree.

5. Strong Alumni Network

Given that your fellow graduates will be going on to prestigious jobs, you will be graduating with a strong network of those on a path to success. This is not to say those who do not attend the top law schools will not be successful, but given the strong network of both faculty and students from a top law school, the overall network will be stronger. For any reason, whether it be for association or career enhancement, you will have a strong alumni network as a future resource from your graduation school alone.

6. Increased Pay

It’s no secret the better the reputation of a school, the more it’s graduates earn. Those who attend a top law school statistically earn a starting salary of 6 figures or more. In a recent study founded by Forbes, it was found that the median salary for an NYU grad is $160,000, the same as the University of Pennsylvania.

Compare that to the average starting salary of around $60,000 and the numbers speak for themselves. It’s nearly a 100% pay increase.

It’s also important to note, the average salary of an attorney as of 2013 was $131,990 (this number fluctuates from different sources, but ranges from $70,000-$132,000). Regardless, it is still less than the starting salary of a first year attorney out of a top law school.

7. Peer Group

You become like those you surround yourself with. Among the benefits of increased pay and career prospectives, you will be spending 3 years of your life interacting with both faculty and fellow students. You may very well value being surrounded by some of the most considerably intelligent and motivated group of people you can. As many of these relationships will continue past school, you will derive a tremendous amount of value and pleasure of attending a top law school well after graduation.

Final Considerations of Attending A Top Law School

Law school is a very large investment of both time, money, and energy. Tuition alone will cost well over $100,000, and there are also books, living expenses, travel, and other expenses to consider.

With approximately 1.2 million lawyers currently in the US , this has led many to question whether or not law school is worth it. While only you can answer that question, attending a top law school will certainly increase your chances of having a degree that is worth the time.

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