How to Respond When Wait Listed From Law School: 4 Things To Do & 3 Things NOT To Do

How to Respond When Wait Listed From Law School

4 Things To Do & 3 Things NOT To Do

While every law student dreams of being accepted outright into their law school of choice, very often, especially with the top law programs, students are placed on a the wait list. While this is much better than being fully turned down, it can become a very complicated situation for the student placed on the wait list.


While on the one hand you haven’t been denied entry, you haven’t been fully admitted yet either. Sometimes when wait listed from law school, they  will not confirm your admission until just days before the semester begins. While many students will gladly withdraw from the previous law school upon receiving admission after being wait listed, being wait listed from law school can still be a tricky situation.


The important thing to understand about being wait listed is that it DOES mean you can still be accepted into the law school of your choice.


Here are the 4 things you should do when wait listed and 3 things NOT to do:


4 Things To Do & 3 Things NOT To Do When Wait Listed from Law School

Don’t Remain Silent, Do Make Yourself Known

The worst thing you can do when wait listed from law school is nothing. If you do not send any additional information or keep in contact, the law school will most likely assume you have chosen to attend another school and/or lost interest.


This doesn’t mean to contact the law school the first day you receive confirmation of being wait listed either. Waiting a couple of weeks if perfectly fine, and more much acceptable, as responding immediately may appear desperate. 


Do Continue to Build Your Application When Wait Listed

This doesn’t if you’re wait listed from law school to contact them once a week, or even once a month. Two to three additional contacts with vital pieces of information will suffice. Be honest with yourself and take note of any weak points in your application. These are the points you want to address.


For example, if your law school application did not list any aspects of you showing strong leadership abilities, you could submit information about a time you were a leader.


Be sure to call the law school first and ask if there’s any information they would specifically like to receive from you. This way, you may prevent having to figure this out for yourself. 


Do Submit A Letter of Interest When Wait Listed from Law School

Along with submitting any additional information, one of the best ways to respond when wait listed from law school is to submit a letter stating clearly as possible why you want to attend that specific law school. It is very possible you were not initially admitted because the law school dd not feel strongly enough you would accept.


Do Interview When Wait Listed from Law School

If you have not interviewed with the law school already, now’s the time to do so. Contact the school about scheduling an interview. During the interview, be sure to indicate why you want to attend that specific law school during the interview (when appropriate) so they know you truly want to go to this school and have a passion for attending. Also, be sure you are well prepared for the interview.

Do Send Updates When Wait Listed from Law School

If there is anything new and relevant you have done since applying to law school, send in that information. If you have retaken the LSAT’s and received a higher score, submit that information. If you have completed a new project or worked extra community service, submit that information.


Don’t Over Contact When Wait Listed from Law School

While it’s important to stay in touch when wait listed from law school, the point is to show you are still interested in the school and keep them updated on new information, not come across as a stalker.


Take a deep breath and take some time to figure out the best few times to contact, making sure you submit as much relevant information with each additional submission. Think quality over quantity.


Don’t Rely On A Law School That Has Placed You on the Wait List

While it is still very possible to attend a law school that has placed you on its wait list, do not count on attending that school, and deny all other law schools. While you’re still waiting to hear back, choose to attend another law school. If you are accepted into the law school that initially placed you on the wait list, you can always withdraw from your current school.


4 Things To Do & 3 Things NOT To Do When Wait Listed from Law School Recap:

  1. Don’t remain silent, do make yourself known
  2. Continue to build your law school application
  3. Submit a letter of interest
  4. Do interview
  5. Send updates
  6. Don’t over contact
  7. Don’t rely on a law school that has wait listed you


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