Top 11 Law School States

Top 11 Law School States


Ever wonder which states offer the best wide selection of law schools?


We have that answer for you.


When it comes to attending the law school of your choice, there can be many factors that determine where you choose to attend law school. Some of these include, law school ranking, the program available at the school, and of course, tuition. For those who may be interested in moving to a particular state, or set on attending law school in a particular state, we have put together a list of the top 11 states for attending law school.


Our list is based on the overall amount of quality law school’s offered by each student, taking into account overall ranking, employment rate, and other factors including tuition. This means that while one state may have a top ranked law school, if it does not have other top-tier law school’s, it will not have made our list.


Top 11 Law School States


#11. Florida


While Florida does not have any remarkably top ranked law programs, with University of Florida (47), Florida State (50), and Miami law school (63), Florida still has great law school programs with recognizable names. Secondly, both University of Florida college of law and Florida State College of Law have full-time in-state tuitions under $25,000. A very affordable law school tuition in today’s age. (Let’s also not forget the great weather.)


2016 Top Law School in Florida

Overall RankLaw SchoolAcceptance RateMedian UGPAMedian LSATBar Pass RateEmployment RateTuition & Fee's In-State (Full Time)Tuition & Fee's Out-of-State (Full Time)
47University of Florida Levin College of Law61.3%3.5015887.2%86.1%$22,230$38,830
50Florida State University College of Law41.2%3.4315988.4%88.4%$20,683$40,695
63University of Miami School of Law50.5%3.4215781.6%86.6$46,166$46,166
102Florida International University College of Law27.4%3.5015884.8%92.9%$21,345$35,590
105Stetson University College of Law50.6%3.2515589.2%90.6%$38,904$38,904
150Shepard Broad Law Center, Nova Southeastern University 54.2%3.1414881.6%86.4%$36,906$36,906
150Dwayne O. Andreas School of Law, Barry University 62.6%2.9914679.3%69.4%$35,844$35,844
150Florida A&M University College of Law53.3%3.0314673.1%71.3%$14,132$34,035
150St. Thomas University School of Law- Florida62.5%3.0414871.4%61.1%$38,458$38,458
150Florida Coastal School of Law77.7%2.9314368.4%70.5%$42,906$42,906
150Ave Maria School of Law75.1%3.0614362.6%60.0%$40,136$40,136

#10. Pennsylvania 


While Penn is the elite law school of Pennsylvania, with 4 other law schools ranking in the top 100 law programs in the USA, Temple (52), Penn State (71), University of Pittsburgh (78), Villanova (87), which also has one employment rate of 90%, Pennsylvania comes in the list at number 10. Secondly, for in-state students, Temple tuition full-time is $21,646, a great alternative for students who do not attend Penn. Also, Pennsylvania is a fairly good place to be for finding a job post graduation, with Philadelphia, New York City, and Washington D.C, all being within a reasonable range of distance.


2016 Top Law Schools In Pennsylvania

Overall RankLaw SchoolAcceptance RateMedian UGPAMedian LSATBar Pass RateEmployment RateTuition & Fee's In-State (Full Time)Tuition & Fee's Out-of-State (Full Time)
7University of Pennsylvania Law School16.4%3.8916995.6%98.9%$56,916$56,916
52Beasley School of Law, Temple University42.2%3.4916090.0%87.7%$21,646$34,772
71Penn State University School of Law - University Park46.3%3.5815889.2%80.1%$43,700$43,700
78University of Pittsburgh School of Law44.4%3.4615780.9%84.6%$31,616$39,100
87Villanova University School of Law51.2%3.5515788.3%90.0%$41,250$41,250
118Duquesne University School of Law57.5%3.4415282.2%84.7%$38,420$38,420
127Thomas R. Kline School of Law, Drexel University49.6%3.2815480.2%85.1%$39,203$39,203
150Widener University School of Law (Harrisburg)65.5%3.0514883.3%87.6%$40,730$40,730



#9. Washington, D.C.


With Georgetown University (14), George Washington University (22) and American University (71), Washington D.C starts off our list. Also, being located in the nations political capital when you have a focus in law never hurts.


2016 Top Law Schools In Washington, D.C.

Overall RankLaw SchoolAcceptance RateMedian UGPAMedian LSATBar Pass RateEmployment RateTuition & Fee's In-State (Full Time)Tuition & Fee's Out-of-State (Full Time)
14Georgetown University Law Center25.0%3.7516789.8%94.1%$53,130$53,130
22George Washington University Law School 45.2%3.7116590.6%93.3%$52,033 $52,033
71Washington College of Law, American University 49.7%3.3715679.2%80.4%$49,542$49,542
108Columbus School of Law, The Catholic University of America54.9%3.1615575.7%85.5%$45,375$45,375
110Howard University School of Law40.9%3.1815164.3%85%$33,732$33,732
150David A. Clarke School of Law, University of the District of Columbia 35.9%2.9914854.7%68.9%$11,383$22,136



#8. Georgia


With Emory University School of Law (19), University of Georgia (31), and Georgia State (56), Georgia is another ideal state for attending law school. For those who are recognized for in-state tuition, University of Georgia tuition is only $19,140 full-time, and Georgia State University is $16,378 full-time.


2016 Top Law Schools In Georgia

Overall RankLaw SchoolAcceptance RateMedian UGPAMedian LSATBar Pass RateEmployment RateTuition & Fee's In-State (Full Time)Tuition & Fee's Out-of-State (Full Time)
19Emory University School of Law36.8%3.7516594.9%94.8%$49,734$49,734
31University of Georgia School of Law30.7%3.7016394.8%84.7%$19,140$36,810
56Georgia State University College of Law28.4%3.4015894.4%90.9%$16,378$35,986
118Walter F. George School of Law. Mercer University 68.4%3.2915286.8%83.2%$37,260$37,260
150Atlanta's John Marshall Law School54.0%2.9114867.1%86.8%$19,425$19,425



#7. Texas


A state that offers its best law school, University of Texas (15) at only $33,162 for in-state students is a luxury for residents of Texas. Along with Southern Methodist (46), Baylor (56), and University of Houston (59), Texas comes in the list at number 7.


2016 Top Law Schools In Texas

Overall RankLaw SchoolAcceptance RateMedian UGPAMedian LSATBar Pass RateEmployment RateTuition & Fee's In-State (Full Time)Tuition & Fee's Out-of-State (Full Time)
15University of Texas at Austin School of Law24.5%3.6816795.1%90.9%$33,162$49,244
46Dedman School of Law, Southern Methodist University37.8%3.5816189.6%92.9%$48,796$48,796
56Baylor Law School29.9%3.5415997.0%86.0%$52,400$52,400
59University of Houston Law Center42.2%3.4715988.2%90.6%$29,784$43,176
118Texas Tech University School of Law57.3%3.4515486.9%80.3%$22,733$32,693
149Texas A&M University School of Law39.8%3.2115486.7%79.3%$33,092$33,092
149South Texas College of Law65.6%3.1215188.1%85.6%$28,680$28,680
150St. Mary's School of Law70.2%3.0215081.4%80.3%$33,100$33,100
150Thurgood Marshall School of Law, Texas Southern University46.9%3.0214566.8%57.4%$18,443$23,393



#6. North Carolina 


Offering Duke University School of Law (8), University of North Carolina, (34), and Wake Forest (47), North Carolina offers numerous elite law school programs. In addition, with the University of North Carolina in-state tuition at only $22,560 full-time, students can earn a law degree on an affordable budget.


2016 Top Law Schools In North Carolina

Overall RankLaw SchoolAcceptance RateMedian UGPAMedian LSATBar Pass RateEmployment RateTuition & Fee's In-State (Full Time)Tuition & Fee's Out-of-State (Full Time)
8Duke University School of Law20.9%3.7716995.4%96.3%$55,588$55,588
34University of North Carolina School of Law40.3%3.4816182.4%85.2%$22,560$39,191
47Wake Forest University School of Law52.8%3.5816180.1%91.4%$42,526$42,526
150Norman Adrian Wiggins School of Law, Campbell University57.4%3.1715282.4%82.5%$38,645$38,645
150North Carolina Central University School of Law44.0%3.2414465.6%71.1%$11,708$25,636
150Elon University School of Law75.0%3.0314865.5%67.3%$37,924$37,924
150Charlotte School of Law75.0%2.8314261.7%75.8%$41,348$41,348



#5. Massachusetts 


With 3 law school’s ranking amongst the top 50 law schools, including Harvard (2), Massachusetts comes into the list at number 5. Along with Harvard, Massachusetts also has Boston University (26), Boston College (34), as well as Northeastern University (87). While these are private schools so tuition will be the same regardless of in-state or out-of state, Massachusetts still ranks among the top states for offering quality law school, with employment rate’s for these 3 schools at 99.7%, 89.4%, and 90.1%.


2016 Top Law Schools In Massachusetts

Overall RankLaw SchoolAcceptance RateMedian UGPAMedian LSATBar Pass RateEmployment RateTuition & Fee's In-State (Full Time)Tuition & Fee's Out-of-State (Full Time)
2Harvard Law School15.4%3.8717396.4%99.7%$55,842$55,842
26Boston University School of Law39.2%3.6616394.7%89.4%$47,188$47,188
34Boston College Law School 43.9%3.5216294.4%90.1%$46,790$46,790
87Northeastern University School of Law38.0%3.5316188.3%79.2%$45,000$45,000
150New England Law | Boston79.7%3.1415089.2%76.3%$43,988$43,988
150Suffolk University Law School87.4%3.214681.9%81.3%$46,790$46,790
150University of Massachusetts School of Law - Dartmouth64.8%2.9714771.2%80.2%$24,178$31,870
150Western New England University School of Law82.1%3.1314664.1%74.5%$40,954$40,954



#4. Virginia 

Virginia offers 4 law programs in the top 50, including University of Virginia (8). Along with the top law programs, William & Mary (29) along with George Mason (42) are both priced under $30,000 for in-state law students. Employment rates for all 3 law schools are also at 90% or above.


2016 Top Law Schools in Virginia

Overall RankLaw SchoolAcceptance RateMedian UGPAMedian LSATBar Pass RateEmployment RateTuition & Fee's In-State (Full Time)Tuition & Fee's Out-of-State (Full Time)
8University of Virginia School of Law18.1%3.8516992.8%97.1%$51,800$54,800
29William & Mary Marshall-Wythe School of Law32.3%3.7916389.5%90.2%$29,800$38,800
42George Mason University School of Law33.7%3.6016193.1%95.1%$25,351$40,737
42Washington and Lee University School of Law43.3%3.4116082.3%82.7%$45,597$45,597
150Regent University School of Law51.1%3.2315275.6%80.3%$34,390$34,390
150Liberty University School of Law64.6%3.2415170.8%72.4%$31,562$31,562
150Appalachian School of Law66.6%2.9014468.3%70.5%$31,525$31,525



#3. Illinois


When it comes to law school’s, Illinois offers a great selection. While tuition is more on the expensive side, with University of Chicago (4), Northwestern University (12), and University of Illinois (41) all with employment rate’s at 90% or higher, and 9 law school’s total, Illinois comes in the list at number 3.


2016 Top Law Schools In Illinois

Overall RankLaw SchoolAcceptance RateMedian UGPAMedian LSATBar Pass RateEmployment RateTuition & Fee's In-State (Full Time)Tuition & Fee's Out-of-State (Full Time)
4University of Chicago Law School18.4%3.917094.8%98.1%$55,503$55,503
12Northwestern University School of Law24.7%3.7516891.3%92.4%$56,434$56,434
41University of Illinois College of Law41.9%3.4316194.7%90.8%$41,294$49,044
78Chicago-Kent College of Law, Illinois Institute of Technology61.7%3.4315793.0%84.9%$45,472$45,472
78Loyola University Chicago School of Law52.0%3.315788.6%89.3%$44,180$44,180
122DePaul University College of Law64.5%3.3215386.8%80.1%$44,999$44,999
149Southern Illinois University School of Law84.8%3.0914788.8%77.1%$19,160$43,320
150Northern Illinois University College of Law70.4%3.0915087.4%87.9%$21,764$37,700
150John Marshall Law School72.9%3.0514984.9%86.4%$45,120$45,120



#2. New York 

With 3 law school ranked in the top 20, Columbia (4), NYU (6), and Cornell (13), and employment rates at 97.2%, 98.1%, and 96.9%, as well as Fordham ranking 34 and 88.5% employment rate, New York has a wide selection of quality law schools, as well as 15 law schools overall. Let’s also not forget it’s a hot spot for finding internships as well as a career post graduation, along with a very lively night life.


2016 Top Law Schools In New York

Overall RankLaw SchoolAcceptance RateMedian UGPAMedian LSATBar Pass RateEmployment RateTuition & Fee's In-State (Full Time)Tuition & Fee's Out-of-State (Full Time)
4Columbia University Law School19.5%3.7117296.3%97.2%$60,274 $60,274
6New York University School of Law30.1%3.7517096.2%98.1%$56,838$56,838
13Cornell Law School30.3%3.6816794.4%96.9%$59,360$59,360
34Fordham University School of Law35.5%3.5416390.6%88.5%$52,532$52,532
75Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law, Yeshiva University49.8%3.4715985.0%83.2%$53,570$53,570
78Brooklyn Law School53.2%3.3115692.7%87.7%$54,246$54,246
82St. John's University School of Law
87Syracuse University College of Law55.5%3.3715584.7%82.5%$46,064$46,064
87SUNY Buffalo Law School54.8%3.4315483.0%88.0%$26,096$43,986
113City University of New York School of Law40.5%3.3315479.2%75.3%$15,193$24,073
122Hofstra University School of Law61.2%3.3515282.6%83.0%$52,190$52,190
127New York Law School55.5%3.2015182.4%85.1%$49,240$49,240
138Albany Law School, Union University60.9%3.2215179.8%82.4%$43,398$43,398
138Pace University School of Law62.2%3.2815179.3%83.4%$45,376$45,376
150Touro College Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center68.3%3.0414666.4%78.6%$44,520$44,520



#1. California


With 4 law schools ranked in the top 20 of the USA (and all having employment rates at 92% or higher),11 in the top 100 and 19 law schools overall California by far has one of the greatest selections of law schools. The only downside is that tuition is fairly high for most law schools in California, regardless of whether you paying in state or out-of-state tuition. Of course, so long as you focus on school and getting a great job post graduation, this shouldn’t be too much of a concern.


2016 Top Law Schools In California

Overall RankLaw School Acceptance RateMedian UGPAMedian LSATBar Pass RateEmployment RateTuition & Fee's In State (Full Time)Tuition & Fee's Out-of-State (Full Time)
2Stanford Law School9.1%3.9017291.9%96.3%$54,366$54,366
8University of California, Berkely School of Law20.2%3.7916785.7%96.5%$48,166$52,117
16University of California, Los Angeles School of Law28.1%3.7916788.6%92.3%$45,226$51,720
20Gould School of Law, University of Southern California28.4%3.7616686.0%94.0%$57,507$57,507
30University of California, Irvine School of Law22.0%3.5316480.0%86.0%$44,717$51,211
31University of California, Davis School of Law35.2%3.6016282.9%89.3%$47,286$56,537
52Pepperdine University School of Law 45.5%3.5916080.9%79.3%$49,030$49,030
59University of California, Hastings College of Law49.2%3.4415874.6%76.1%$48,335$54,335
71University of San Diego School of Law46.5%3.5015976.5%80.2%$47,490$47,490
75Loyola Law School, Loyola Marymount University 41.2%3.4715984.7%81.1%$47,750$47,750
94Santa Clara University School of Law49.8%3.3015772.0%65.1%$52,300$52,300
127Chapman University School of Law51.6%3.4115676.4%76.1%$46,766$46,766
138University of San Francisco School of Law60.8%3.1915375.1%62.9%$45,542$45,542
150Western State of Law, Argosy University 63.2%3.0914977.6%65.3%$42,102$42,102
150Southwestern University School of Law60.8%3.2015173.5%73.2%$47,100$47,100
150California Western School of Law67.4%3.1415071.4%68.0%$45,900$45,900
150McGeorge School of Law, University of the Pacific75.0%3.1415167.7%75.4%$46,462$46,462
150University of La Verne College of Law47.6%2.8814756.4%70.5%$25,000$25,000
150Whittier Law School73.7%2.9014665.7%70.6%$42,400$42,400
150Golden Gate University School of Law64.8%2.9814955.7%64.5%$45,350$45,350





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