2017 Top US Law School Rankings By Employment Rate

Below is a list of the top US law school by employment rate. It should be stated that any school in the top 20 list will be one of the top law schools for securing a job.

Law school rankings are based on data collected from the fall of 2015 and early 2016.

Included in the law school ranking chart is each law schools ranking by employment rate percentage, employment rate for graduates from each law school, and the law schools U.S. news official overall law school ranking.

2017 Top US Law Schools By Employment Rate

RankLaw School Employment RateOverall Ranking
1University of Chicago Law School98.0%4
2New York University School of Law97.7%6
3Columbia University Law School97.6%4
3University of Pennsylvania Law School97.6%7
5Stanford Law School97.4%2
6Cornell Law School97.3%13
7Michael E. Mortiz College of Law, Ohio State University 97.2%
8Duke University School of Law97.1%11
8Harvard Law School97.1%2
10University of Virginia School of Law97.0%8
11Washington University School of Law96.9%18
12Emory University School of Law96.8%22
13George Mason University School of Law96.1%45
14University of Michigan Law School96.0%8
14Duncan School of Law, Lincoln Memorial University 96.0%
16University of Colorado School of Law95.6%40
17Seton Hall University School of Law95.4%65
18University of California, Los Angeles School of Law95.2%17
19Stetson University College of Law94.9%103
20University of Tulsa College of Law94.7%86
21University of Iowa College of Law94.5%20
21University of Kentucky College of Law94.5%60
23Gould School of Law, University of Southern California93.9%19
24Northwestern University School of Law93.8%12
24University of Alabama School of Law93.8%28